What is an Estickie?
A simple high-tech & high-touch e-greetings system…

Personalized egreetings stamped with your logo or photo

Connecting you with friends, family, colleagues, customers, prospects, subscribers, members, volunteers --- anyone you want to stay in touch with in a memorable, fun & exciting way.

Estickies is a complete web-based communication system offering you our creative designs wed to great quotations, stamped with your business logo or photograph, with a simple-to-use customizable Web based system and reporting capabilities.

Estickies - The Ultimate in Personalized Electronic Greetings

  • Direct from you.
    Your Message, Your card choice, Your company logo or photograph
  • Professional online egreetings NO distracting advertising or third-party promotions
  • Stay in touch - Your way!
    Send a personalized thank you note, appointment confirmation, happy birthday, congratulations or what ever--- You Decide
  • Be creative, innovative and original - in an instant
  • Use for marketing, employee or member communications, or networking. Create meaningful and lasting (i.e. sticky) impressions - with your branded e-postcards.
  • Estickies is your personal electronic card library
    Have cards ready and waiting for all occasions. Select cards from our library - or we can create cards just for you.
  • Password protection ensures authorized access only

    User Features & Benefits

  • Send a Estickie to anyone who has an email address
  • An ever growing selection of colorful e-sticky designs guarantees that you will find the perfect card for your needs
  • Each e-postcard stamped with your logo or photo
  • Font (type face) style and colors are up to you. Each message you send can have a different look
  • Click our "Browse Categories" for ideas on which cards might fit for your messages - Birthday, Thank You, Motivation, etc.
  • Check out our "Tips for Using and Writing Great Estickies"
  • Recipients receive colorful, customizable message in their email that your message is waiting - No trouble with firewalls, spam filters, or slow downloads - they just click on the link and your message is available for viewing for 30 days
  • Use our calendar to remind yourself of important dates to send estickies and you will receive reminders in your email
  • Send out your message immediately or write your note, select a future date and your messages will be sent out automatically
  • Your address book is unlimited - set up as many groups as you need
  • Send notes to one person, your entire address book or a specific group of people
  • Sending to a group of people? All messages are BCC'd so no one's email address is made public
  • You can choose to receive notification that the estickie has arrived and other message whenever your recipient opens their card.
  • If you have a corporate account, you can choose to have the estickie as a click-through to anywhere on your website - increasing your branding and visibility!
  • Access our comprehensive Help Section if you need some instruction or clarification.

    Administrator Features and Benefits - For Business Use with Multiple Users

  • Estickies is a fully functional web-based system - Your IT people do not have to get involved, there's nothing to download or maintain on your servers - we do it all for you
  • Company Users are welcomed to your corporate/organization estickies site that we customize with your logo, corporate slogan and individual look.
  • Each user receives an assigned ID and password that we set up for you - You have complete control over who uses your estickies site,
  • Up-to-date reporting of use by date, user, user group and specific card used available at all times
  • A "Welcome to Estickies" kit contains an introduction letter for management to send to employees, a template for your introduction to Estickies giving each user their individual ID and password and a "Tips for Getting Started" email to users which simply demonstrates how to use how our user-friendly system.
  • A comprehensive Help document answers your questions easily and quickly
  • Estickies technical help answers your questions by email